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SysTools Google Drive Migrator Tool allows a user to migrate data from one Google drive to another Google drive or domain. All data items like audio, video, PDF, photos, document files, etc. they can be easily transferred with this tool.

List of Features Offered by SysTools File System to Google Drive Migration Tool

A Tool to Backup Desktop to Google Drive of Business Account With Ease

  • Move Files From PC to Google Drive
  • Migrate All Type of Files
  • Move Any Amount of Data
  • Capable to Perform Delta Migration
  • Move Data From Specific Date Range
  • Option to Include/ Exclude File Type
  • Option to Include File Size
  • Create a Complete Migration Report

How to Apply SysTools Google Drive Migrator Discount Coupon Code

Follow the steps given to use the SysTools discount coupon code: –

  • The first real step is to click the “buy” button.
  • Now you just want to choose the software program you want to buy.
  • After selecting the software program, click the “Buy Now” button.
  • To purchase, visit the cart web page and look at the SysTools Coupon Code checkbox.
  • After doing those steps, just paste the coupon code with the SysTools coupon code field.
  • Capable of migrating all types of file system data to Google Drive
  • Allows you to move entire data from desktop to Google Drive at once
  • Keep data integrity and folder hierarchy intact even after the migration process
  • Move all kinds of files like PDF, images, documents, etc. during migration from PC to Google Drive
  • Move specific types of files to the cloud system via Include or Exclude file type option
  • Date-based filter (created or modified) to transfer data from a specific date range
  • Include file size option to move particular size file from computer to Google Drive
  • It also keeps metadata like size, date, and name intact as original in Google Drive.
  • Make it easy for users to transfer newly arrived data with the help of Delta Migration
  • Allows users to move data from mapped network drive to destination drive G
  • The software provides support for migrating hidden files and folders.
  • Provides the functionality to migrate data to Shared Drive
  • Generate a full file system migration report with details in CSV format
  • A single user interface for easy data migration from PC to Google Drive

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